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Inventory of the world's top ten whiskey brands

Apr, 22. 2021

As the saying goes, "There is no feast without wine." It's good to enjoy the beautiful, mellow, and soft wines and chat with friends for fun.Men like to drink when they are happy, have a drink, and chat about beautiful visions.Men also like to drink when they are unhappy. It is the easiest way to send depression and sorrow.Among the many alcoholic beverages, especially spirits, it can be regarded as a man's favorite.Spirits are high-concentration spirits, also called distilled spirits. Distillation is an indispensable method of alcohol production, and it is also a major field of alcohol development.Whiskey is one of the most well-known spirits in the world. At present, at least 23 countries are producing whiskey. Among them, the largest and most well-known whisky producing areas are mainly Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Japan and Canada.Scotch whisky is known as the "British National Wine", but in order to become a Scotch whisky, it must be distilled in Scotland, and the degree of distillation must not be higher than 94.8%, and then it must be aged in oak barrels for more than 3 years.For a long time, Scotch whisky has been made of malted barley.In terms of classification, Scotch whisky can be divided into five main categories, namely: single malt whiskey, single grain whiskey, blended malt whiskey, blended grain whiskey, blended whiskey.Recently, according to the Scotch Whisky Association:In 2015, the total export volume of Scotch whisky reached 1.16 billion bottles, which means that 34 bottles of whiskey are shipped from Scotland every second. In terms of total exports, France is the largest market for Scottish bulk whiskey.Today, I will take stock of the list of the top ten whisky brands in the world.The first one LagavulinLagavulin is often said to be one of Aire's "three big". The other two are Ardbeg and Laphroaig, which are also the ‘three big’s with a milder peat smoky flavor. These three are the most common and familiar peat-flavored whiskies on Islay.Lagavulin's predecessor was Kildalton, which was built in 1816. The founder John Johnston later also bought the Ardmore next door. Aire’s Ardmore was discontinued in 1835 and was later incorporated into Lagavulin.The ownership of Lagavulin was transferred to John Crawford Graham in 1852 and then to James Logan Mackie & Co. in 1867.After the company boss James Logan passed away in 1889, the ownership was passed on to his nephew Peter. The name of Peter Mackie may be less well known, but his White Horse blended whisky is well-known. The original wine of Lagavulin is one of the important base wines of the White Horse whiskey issued by Peter in 1890.Lagavulin Lagavulin winery, located near the port of Ellen, is the most special of all distilled on Islay. It has the appearance of a pear row and is near the forest port. The water from the distillery passes through the flowing river and carries it in the process. A lot of peat, and the onion-type unique distiller is used to brew the wine. The wine produced has a strong peat and masculine taste of sea water, and has more complexity and delicate taste changes. A masterpiece of Ray Island.Lagavulin means the valley where the factory is located. The Lagavulin distillery was built on Islay in the middle of the 18th century. The whiskey of Islay is the Sugaran whiskey, with the most complex taste and the strongest taste. Many different elements make the Lagavulin winery special, especially the peat of Islay, which is made of pine trees, grasses, and periwinkles that grow in the swamp zone, and is also affected by seagrass. With the influence of the waves, because the sea sand is rich in salt, the water quality of the peat begins to show a complex peat, iodine and sea salty taste, in the taste of the wine.Lagavulin is now part of Diageo and a member of Diageo "Classic Malts". The entry version of most wineries is generally ten or twelve years old, but the entry version of Lagavulin is 16 years old.Lagavulin 16 yo, 43%Odor: sea breeze, candied fruit, smoked, oyster, citrus, metalFlavors: sea water, caramel, chocolate, smoked, raisinsEnding rhyme: medium length, dark chocolate, charred wood, spicesConclusion: The smell is mild, and each smell is very soft and comfortable. Medium-bodied, supple and delicate in taste. The mid-length ending rhyme is equally soft. Although this standard entry-level version is mainly peat-smoky, it presents the pirate flavor in a meticulous and gentle way, and shows the flavor of the winery positively.Second ChivasThe world-renowned Chivas (Chivas) whisky is the most prestigious Scottish premium whiskey, and it is also a brand under the French Pernod Ricard Group.Chivas Regal, founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1801, is the world's first whisky producer to produce blended whisky and market it, and it is also the creator of the triple blend of whisky. The founders are the brothers James Chivas and John Chivas. The founder James Chivas insisted that maintaining the consistency of the brand's taste is the charm of the brand, and began to create a blended whisky with consistent quality assurance. His brand "Chivas" was born in the 1890s.In 1890, the world-renowned Chivas 12-year-old whisky was born, known as the "Prince of Scotland", and is a rare Scotch whisky boutique. It has a unique rich taste, slightly smoky smell and barley sweetness, mellow and long aroma, and is known as the pioneer of blended whiskey. As a result, Chivas, as synonymous with the classic Scotch whisky, has since become famous.The finest "Royal Salute 21 Years Whiskey" in the Chivas series was specially brewed in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Navy fired a 21-gun salute in order to express its highest respect.The men concluded: Scotland has the best whiskey in the world-Chivas Regal.The third Johnnie Walker Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker Johnnie Walker, one of the top ten foreign wine-whiskey brands, started in 1820, a model of Scotch whisky, and a professional whiskey renowned for its excellent quality.In 1820, John Walker, who was only 15 years old, began to try to apply the experience of blending and blending tea to the blending of whiskey. Johnnie Walker, full of Scottish charm, began its classic and classic from Kilmarnock. An extraordinary legend.The third-generation descendant of Johnnie Walker Alexander Walker designed a distinctive slanted trademark and square wine bottle in 1870, which is still in use today.Johnnie Walker was marketed in more than 120 countries and regions around the world as early as 1920, becoming one of the earliest global consumer brands. In 1933, it was awarded the royal certification badge issued by King George V, becoming the long-term whisky brand used by the British royal family.Johnnie Walker Black LabelIn 2008, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the "gentleman stepping forward" logo, Johnnie Walker specially selected Johnnie Walker "Black Label" whiskey to create the Centennial Edition. Its unique black glass bottle body was specially decorated. The classic symbol of the "gentleman stepping forward" made of real gold is of extraordinary significance.Johnnie Walker Blue LabelOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL "Blue Label" premium whisky OHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL "Blue Label" is a graded top-grade alcohol of the Johnnie Walker series, carefully selected from the most aged whiskeys in many places in Scotland. Contains whiskey up to sixty years old. The wine is unique, full-bodied and aromatic, making it the choice of whisky connoisseurs.Fourth place JACKDANIELS Jack DanielsJACKDANIELS Jack Daniels, the top ten foreign wine whiskey brands. Born in the United States in 1866, the oldest American winery is the leader in American whiskey sales.JACK DANIELS Jack Daniels, one of the top ten wines in the world. Jack Daniels Distillery was born in 1866 in Lianzhibao, Tennessee, USA. Jack Daniels whiskey is sold in more than 130 countries around the world, and its single bottle sales have been the top American whiskey in the world for many years.Jack Danny’s entire production process has extremely strict regulations, and the links of raw materials such as corn, rye and barley are strictly controlled. The temperature of the spring water is maintained at 56 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. It contains no iron but is rich in lime. Jack Daniels' whiskey is brewed through the ancient method of making malt sour.Jack Daniels Distillery has a history of 130 years now, and the corporate brand is ranked 152nd in the 2006 "Top 500 World Brands" list compiled by the World Brand Lab.Fifth place Dewar's EmperorDewar's imperial whisky, started in 1846 under the Bacardi Group, is a premium blended Scotch whisky. The original "secondary aging" process is a whisky brand favored by wine tasters around the world.Dewar’s Emperor Whisky was founded by John Dewar in Perth, Scotland in 1846.Since then, Dewar's Emperor Whiskey brand has been inherited and carried forward in the hands of John Dewar Junior and Tommy Dewar, the two highly talented sons of Old John, and has gradually grown into a leader in Scotch whisky.Currently, it is one of Bacardi's famous brands.Each bottle of Dewar’s Emperor Whiskey has a unique bottle number, which proves the excellent quality and perfect image of Dewar’s Emperor Whiskey.The Emperor's 12-year premium Scotch whisky, as a premium blended Scotch whisky, has also won the favor and reputation of global wine tasters.In addition to the popular Dewar’s Emperor 12, the Dewar’s family also owns the treasures of real whiskey-Dewar’s Emperor 18 Years and Dewar’s Emperor Dewar’s Signature. They are so different because the master bartenders control the time of preparation with great care, and use the time-honored blending process to create the emperor's ultimate smooth fusion taste.As of 2008, Dewar's Emperor Whiskey has received more than 203 awards, making it one of the most awarded Scotch whiskies in the world. At the same time, Dewar's imperial whisky is also the number one brand of Scotch whisky with the highest sales in the United States.Sixth place Ballantine’sBallantine's, a world-renowned foreign wine brand, was founded in Scotland in 1827. It is known for its super mellow taste and is a best-selling high-end whisky brand worldwide.Ballantine was founded in 1827 and is a famous Scotch whisky brand. The first bottle of fine wine brewed by George Ballantine of George Ballantine in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, unveiled the historical legend of the brand's glorious glory. Today, this outstanding representative of the traditional Scottish blended whisky is world-renowned for its continuation of generations, 180-year unchanging brewing tradition and extraordinary taste.The bottom of each Ballantine bottle is printed with a line of Latin words "Amicus Humani Generis", which means "friend of all mankind".At present, Ballantine is the world's most complete series of aged Scotch whiskies.The types include Ballantine Special Alcohol, Ballantine 12 years, Ballantine 15 years, Ballantine 17 years, Ballantine 21 years, and Ballantine 30 years. A lot of hard work has been devoted to each variety. Ballantine, the highest-selling premium whisky series in Europe and Asia, will surely conquer all the connoisseurs who are well versed in pure whisky tasting with its unparalleled Scottish temperament.Seventh place JimBeamJimBeam took the edge, started in the United States in 1795, and produced a world-sensation spirit brand, which was acquired by Japan's Suntory in 2014.Since a farmer and grain processor named Jacob Beam produced the first barrel of whiskey in 1795, he has achieved the reputation of "Jim Beam whiskey". Now, "Jimbian" has become the flagship brand of bourbon whiskey. Its well-known flagship brands include single malt whisky "Yamazaki" and "Hakushu", and blended whiskey "Hibiki".Other well-known wine brands:For example: "Maker's Mark", "Knob Creek", "Hakushu", "Hibiki", "Teacher's", "Laphroaig" )", "Bowmore", "Canadian Club", "Courvoisier", "Sauza", "Pinnacle" and "Midori" )".Eighth place MacallanMacallan Macallan is one of the top ten whisky brands under the Eddington Group. Established in Scotland in 1824, it is an international luxury whisky brand with the reputation of "Rolls Royce of Single Malt Whisky".The most precious whiskey in the world. Produced at the Macallan Winery, it is one of the first licensed wineries in the Scottish Highlands of Scotland. Its products have been brewed for more than 300 years.Macallan has launched a series of wines of 12 years, 18 years, 25 years and 30 years.Was evaluated as "the best whiskey in the world" by The Robb Report.As the world's most precious whiskey, Macallan has won praise and praise in almost every corner of the world over the years.In May 2004, Macallan added another honor. Not only did it win the title of "Best Malt Whisky in the World" by Whisky Magazine, its 18-year-old pure malt whisky was also ranked first.At the same time, Macallan's 18-year, 25-year-old and 30-year-old pure malt whiskies have won the ‘gold award’ in the international fine wine competition.In addition to the praise brought by the awards, Macallan has also been praised by many celebrities and public figures. Actor E Mma Thompson and others have said that MACALLAN is their favorite whiskey.Ninth place Royal SaluteRoyal Salute Royal Salute, started in 1953, Scotland's national brand, top blended whiskey, launched by Chivas Brothers Distillery.In 1953, Chivas Brothers specially brewed the "Royal Salute" to pay tribute to the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth of England. The name "Royal Salute" comes from the custom of firing a 21-gun salute to visiting royals.In 1953, to celebrate the enthronement of Queen Elizabeth of England, the "Chivas Brothers" distillery launched a premium blended whiskey called "Royal Salute 21 years old" (Royal Salute 21 years old).Royal Salute Royal Salute, each bottle is cast with a royal badge label, with the abbreviation of the queen's inscription printed on it. The red, blue, and green gemstones inlaid on the queen's crown are transformed into a three-color bottle. The bottle is engraved with a warrior who dances with a sword and crosses a warrior, and there are two salutes on the logo to decorate its extraordinary value. Of course, all this is for the 21-year luscious wine in the bottle.Tenth place J&B treasureJ&B Jumbo, the full name of "Justerini & Brooks", was born in England in 1749. It is one of the oldest whisky brands in the world. It is the second largest Scotch whisky in the world. It is a light whiskey suitable for blending and has a smooth and elegant taste. And famous.In 1749, a young Italian, Giacomo Justerini, came to London with some money and a wine recipe created by his father in pursuit of a beautiful opera singer. Soon, he found a British partner, George Johnson, to start a business together. They opened a lounge in central London called Johnson & Justerini.In 1760, King George III of England granted Justerini the first "Royal Wine License".J&B has obtained the "Royal Wine License" issued by the eight generations of Kings, and it is one of the most popular whiskey brands of Kings.In 1910, J&B Rare was founded. Its rich fruity aroma and slightly sweet taste were praised by whisky lovers all over the world. J&B sold 3 million cases in the United States.By the end of 2005, J&B had become the number one whisky brand in Europe and the number two in the world, with an annual sales volume of 6 million cases.Observing the yellow bottle label carefully, you can discover the extraordinary background of J&B whiskey-the signatures of eight British kings. In the nearly 200 years from 1760 to 1952, they issued the "Royal License" to the whiskey and sealed it as the royal family. Learn More
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